2 thoughts on “This is me…”

  1. Hello Cousin Marvin:

    I appreciate all that you are doing and continue to do! Keeping our “Family History & Legacy” alive!

    The quote you shared is powerful, spiritual and inspiring! You make it look easy, but I know it requires patience, research, time, etc. – you are appreciated my Brother.

    May GOD’s blessings continue to empower you with your many gifts and talents.

    By the grace and will of GOD, I look forward to seeing you and our family in Memphis 2024!

    Thank you very much,

    Cousin Greg

    Gregory Lambert, M.A. PTR Certified Tennis Instructor ACE Certified Health Coach Unlimited Wellness Solutions, LLC Cell: (734) 635-8018 Fax: (734) 434-5658



    1. Thanks Greg! I appreciate the thoughts. I feel like this is my legacy to keep the family history alive for future generations. I will keep at it. I hope to publish one day.


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