Arielle Hudson – Rhodes Scholar!

Hi Family!  I want to give a shout out to our cousin Arielle Hudson from Tunica, who is graduating from the University of Mississippi this spring.  Arielle has been awarded a Rhodes Scholarship.  She is the first African American women to do so from Ole Miss and only the 27th recipient in Ole Miss’s long history.  Congratulations on this great achievement.  You make the ancestors proud!

Rhodes Scholar!

3 thoughts on “Arielle Hudson – Rhodes Scholar!”

  1. Thank you cousin! The in-person commencement ceremony has been postponed for a later date due to the coronavirus. However, there will be a virtual celebration on May 9th, and I would love for you all to join. I will share more details on the family Facebook page.


  2. thank for the information , but i am already aware of it been known since she first received it last year. that my great neice. ROBERT AND EMMA LAMBERT GREAT GRAND DAUGHTER OF TUNICA MS.


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